Mr McCarthy
No. 7 Great House Rise

I am extremely pleased with the development. The building, the location, the landscaping, the pond, the birdlife, the quiet, the sound and heat insulation, the internal layout of my apartment and the number, size, height and quality of the windows are all excellent. I love its sustainability design and aspirations. I am very much enjoying living here.

Mrs Jenny Jacobs
No. 4 Great House Rise

I was looking to downsize from my family home and wanted to reduce my utility bills as I am now retired and want to know where my money goes! The LivEco home was perfect, well designed homes, with space for storage, that are great to live in and also cheap to run - I'm very happy and proud to live here, especially when my friends come round and say they love it too!!

Mrs Louise Wei
No. 6 Great House Rise

We were very lucky to find Great House Rise when we first came to Cardiff, it's not only modern and eco-friendly, but also in harmony with its natural surroundings, we get wildlife at our door step and still close to civilization, it's such a dream come true! If only there are more of this kind of development around the UK!

Miss Alexandra Collins
Great House Rise

We live at Great House Rise next to the proposed new scheme and would like to support this new phase. These sustainable homes should be encouraged as should developers who build beyond current regulations.  LivEco have built this current scheme and have formed a friendly community and we love living here. Having looked at the plans LivEco are again building a scheme with attention to detail and green planting being integral to the design. Please support small local eco schemes such as these - it is a refreshing change!

Dr Colin Wilsher
Great House Rise

We are residents at Great House Rise and already experiencing the benefits of living in a eco development. The innovative design has lead to good community interaction and there is certainly a good community spirit. We are very happy to support the development and feel that all new housing should have the same excellent eco credentials. All houses should have similar insulation specification and other ecological advances. The style of the new housing will fit in well with the present development and the local environment. We also think the planned design of housing is excellent. Not only compact, ecologically sound, and sensitive to the local environment, but also very creative use of space. For instance, the use of downstairs washing facilities and bedroom in some of the houses, means they are excellent for both those with limited mobility and those wishing to live on one floor.