Bridgend College Students Visit LivEco @ Great House Farm


It was a pleasure to host Bridgend College students who are studying Sustainability and give them a chance to see sustainable design in action

The students walked around all the phases of development @ Great House Farm and saw how a derelict farm on the outskirts of Cardiff will become a new Eco Village of 36 dwellings providing a mix of homes from 1 bed apartments to 4 bed detached houses

The students were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the visit even through the weather was a bit wild!!

Some of their comments after the visit were - 

It is does not use up ​natural resources
Its when you create something that is environmentally friendly in people's eyes andthey are happy with the out come because it helps them also as it helps the environment.

Healthier environment​​ for the planet.
Electric cars would make things ​​healthier​​ as it saves people spending money​​ ​on fuel​​, and it’s also less harmful for the planet.

Gives more generations better lifestyles

The cost of things will be a lot ​cheaper​​ for the residence to afford so they won't be struggling to pay their bills or anything.

They seemed 'to get it'!!

Hopefully we will see them again as they progress through their course