LivEco succeeds in gaining final Planning Permission

gifGreat news for Great House Farm 'Eco Village'


LivEco finally succeded in gaining the final planning permission for the last 2 dwellings on the next phase.

We now have a fully designed site of Sustainable Homes ready to be built this year.

If you read the papers and listen to the news you would be mistaken for thinking developers are building everywhere and building 'greener'. The truth is a long way off, the planning system is loaded against small SME builders / developers who want to build award winning sustainable homes. It is easier in planning terms and financially more viable per plot to gain a permission for 500 homes than 50, 50 is easier than 5 - yes the system is at fault and supports the national big housebuilders - and what do we get, the same 'identikit' houses all over the country, not enough overall housing supply and all built to just pass Building Regulations - it's a shame, the big players should do better, it needs to change and it is so different in Europe....

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